Feature · Comedy · 112 pages

To save his girlfriend Barbra from a zombie invasion on Mars, Frank enlists help from the only person he knows with a working spaceship, his ex.

In “Saving Barbra”, a hilarious and thrilling zombie comedy, Barbra, a brilliant scientist, is stranded on the Mars space station after a zombie outbreak decimates the crew. With time running out before the infected arrive to devour her, Barbra sends a distress signal to Earth. Her farmer boyfriend, Frank, with little interest in space travel, his bookworm sister Maggie, and his hard-drinking best friend Stephen, intercept the signal and enlist Frank’s ex-girlfriend Lane, a sharp-tongued pilot to help navigate them to Mars. They may not be astronauts, but they’re all Barbra has.

As the ragtag group embarks on a drunken adventure to space to rescue Barbra, they soon realize they are ill-equipped to handle the zombie-infested station. With limited supplies, no weapons, and a lot of alcohol, they must navigate their way through the labyrinthine space station, fighting off zombie attacks with improvised weapons like mops, a golf cart, and wine bottles.

Despite their comedic antics, the stakes are high as the clock ticks down and the zombies close in. Will they make it to Barbra in time? And even if they do, can they survive the perilous journey back to Earth?

“Saving Barbra” is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of unlikely heroes, friendship, and the power of love, all set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse in space.

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