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This script is about the concept of “Lean Management” and how it is implemented in a workplace setting. It features characters who are attempting to implement lean principles, such as reducing waste and increasing efficiency, but encountering various obstacles and comical situations along the way. Overall, the sketch aims to provide humorous commentary on the […]

This script is a dark comedy sketch that follows the story of two friends, Scott and Brian. When Scott unlocks the door of a dimly lit warehouse, he reveals a shocking discovery that leaves Brian in complete awe. The story unfolds as the two characters explore what they’ve found inside and deal with the consequences […]

Logline: When their marriage reaches the end of its rope, a couple decides to rekindle their love by taking a camping trip in the remote woods, but when they’re suddenly hunted by a blood-thirsty group of masked strangers, they must put their problems aside to fight for their lives in a deadly game of survival. […]